What benefits will you get from this site?

Simply stated, this blog is about Finding my way at WordPress.com and then sharing my observations with friends who at times are like me… lost!

Of course, you can always visit the Support forum of WordPress.com on “how-to’s” and the like. I don’t intend to duplicate what is already in there which I must say are excellent materials. What we have here is how we applied WP guide and the results of these experimentations.

I have not updated this blog for sometime now. Some of the results of my experiments may no longer be applicable.

Other sites about me and my company

I would like to invite you to visit some of the following sites when you have time.

A Matter of Sharing: Business, Community, Web, ATBP. – No, there is nothing extraordinary about this blog. It’s just another blog on business- and Filipino Australian community-related issues. But who knows, you may find something useful.

emanila community – This is the flagship website of my company. It has been online since 1998 and is the inaugural winner for Technology in Australia’s National Multicultural Marketing Awards. Right now, it is a portal site to the other sites comprising our group.

The Filipino Australian – Community news and other stories with focused on the Filipino Australian community, one of Australia’s largest cultural groups.