Displaying photos in a gallery as an instructional aid

This is a plain vanilla photogallery I created to demonstrate how and where I grabbed the PicApp image codes used in my earlier post, Revisiting PicApp Images and Embed Codes.

The thumbnails above are arranged in the order PicApp windows are opened when searching for an image, and copying its embed code. The thumbnails were auto-generated from six images created from screenshots of PicApp windows and uploaded using the “Add an image” and “Insert gallery” functions.

These functions are detailed in the step-by-step instructions set out in a recent WP post, Display Your Photos In Style.

Hopefully, this photogallery can also demonstrate other ways of displaying photos in style and in conjunction with other posts.

Directions on how to embed a PicApp image in your blog are found in Revisiting PicApp Images and Embed Codes with references to a WP post, Free Access to Premium Images.

Have you tried setting up a photogallery in your blog yet? Need help? Feel free to leave a message.