The spellchecker in WordPress is not purr-fect after all

I knew a spellchecker has been in WordPress for sometime now and that was really very good news for people like me. But the other day’s announcement of a proofreader support in the HTML Editor set me out to a fun trip.

How good is it? Does it really know how to spell receive as against recieve? Or, seperate when we actually mean separate?

I did a quick listing including tech-based nouns and I could see that the proofreader can spell. It even recognizes words like blog, Twitter, and Google. But wait a minute. How come I am receiving an error for WordPress? Not in the database? Yes, it does recognize word press (two words) or word-press but not WordPress (one word).

Interesting, isn’t it? The spellchecker does not even recognize its master.

Here is a screenshot of my very brief word list:

Testing "After the Deadline" spellchecker

So what do you think? Should we accept Word Press for WordPress? Or, do we have to teach the spellchecker to insert WordPress in its dictionary? // Leave a comment


3 responses to “The spellchecker in WordPress is not purr-fect after all

  1. What you’re experiencing here is the spell checker built into your browser and not the WordPress spell checker. If you click “proofread” this will activate the WordPress spell checker and misspelled words will be underlined with a thick red line.

    Like in this picture:

    I can assure you that the WordPress spell checker is quite familiar with WordPress as a proper noun.

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