A PollDaddy poll outside your WP blog

poll-matter-of-sharingI mentioned in my earlier PollDaddy post, I am not a great fan of polls, but here is an opportunity to have another demo of a poll created using PollDaddy.

Someone asked me if a poll created in my WP blog can be displayed outside WordPress.com.

Yes, you can. I don’t think there is a restriction as to where you can display a PollDaddy as long as you use the correct embedding code.

To display the poll outside your WP blog, in your Polls > Edit control page, click HTML code link, then highlight and copy the poll’s javascript, and paste it to where you want to position your poll on your external page.

I am currently running in my personal site a very simple poll (see image on left).

No, the question asked in the poll is not earth-shattering. The question is very simple, and can be answered in less than one minute. I also wrote a brief background story about the poll with invitation to my readers to use the Comments to share their thoughts on the issue.

Poll results? The poll is generating good responses from my website followers.

Why not visit the poll and let me know what you think.


One response to “A PollDaddy poll outside your WP blog

  1. Followed you from your personal hp and m surprised how much info youre sharing with others. I use polldaddy too. Their free acct is not too bad. Thanks

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