How to put a text widget in your blog’s header

In an earlier post, How to customize your blog with widgets, leanpearl asked: “How do I put text widget in my header? I wanna use it for social networking sites’ icons.”

I thought I use my response to that question as a separate post so it wouldn’t get lost as we progress.

Here is my response:

That’s a very interesting question. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have an expert answer to that.

But here are some thoughts and observations:

1. The widgets in a WP blog are dependent on (a) the plugins installed and active in a site, and (b) the structure of the blog theme, ie, whether the theme had been coded to allow widgets in the header, sidebar or footer.

2. As we all know, most WP themes display widgets in the sidebar, and some themes also display widgets in the footer. I have checked the more than 70 themes in, and I have not found a theme with the options you have in mind.

That said, you may wish to check your theme options including its Custom Header, if any.

For example, this theme I am currently using has several options to customize its header. I can insert a standard 468×60 banner to the right of my site name (which obviously I did not do). The banner can be replaced with other displays like SNS icons using HTML, or anything within the TOS of

In short, the key to customizing your header is to look for a theme that gives you that option – to change the image, to change the color, to change the text or to insert other objects.

Hope this helps.

This is me, of course. Others may have differing views or ways of customizing a blog header.

Let us hear from you.


5 responses to “How to put a text widget in your blog’s header

  1. the excerpt should be displayed in the home page rather than showing the whole post.. is there any way to make it n this theme… i have been tryin to do, but it is not comin as in the theme blix. my blog : .. u can see the whole post in displayed instead of the excerpt.. any solution ????????

    • Thanks for your visit.

      You can show the excerpt, instead of the whole post, by changing the “the_content” code to “the_excerpt” in your theme’s home or main index file. Or you can install a plugin which will automatically split your to your preference. This is available to self-hosted WordPress blogs. With a blog however, you will not be able to do that (see my post on “How to customise your blog using the widget”), unless you have access to your theme’s files.

      Whether you have a self-hosted WordPress blog or blog, you can still split your post by firstly, positioning your cursor on the exact location where you want to split your post and then press the “Insert More tag” button in Visual or “more” button in HTML editing mode.

      I don’t normally split my post, but I split my “Public education, ACMA and anti-spamming” post as a demo.

      Hope this helps.

  2. thanks .. romy .. i have done it ..thanks for the help 🙂
    but i can;t find “the_content” & “the_excerpt”…. can u tell exact steps for it .. It may be useful for me ..

    • Thanks for your follow-up query:

      1. The “the_content” and “the_excerpt” are found in your theme’s home or index files. Like me, you have no access to those files. We are both using free blogs. The ability to edit the theme’s files is available to self-hosted WordPress blogs like this.

      2. The “more” / “Insert More” tag button is located with the other buttons in your Add New or Edit Post box. It is the 4th button from the right.

      When adding a new post or editing an existing post, position your cursor on the exact location where you want your post to be split, then press the “more” button (HTML) or “Insert More” button (Visual).

      In the post which I am using here as an example, Public education, ACMA, and anti-spamming, I inserted the “more” tag at the end of the third paragraph.

      On the homepage of this blog, the whole post is not displayed. Only the first three paragraphs are displayed. You also see the “Read more” link which when clicked will show the whole post.

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