Updating your blog with a photo attachment

This is a post with a photo attachment.

Note: Since this is the first time I am sending a post with photo attachment to my WP.com site, I am not sure how this photo will be positioned – whether centered, left or right. (In my self-hosted sites, I have access and can customize my Postie configs.). WP.com does not appear to give us access to the post-by-email app. My Media settings are 150 ppx for thumbnail, 475px for medium and 1024px for large photos. I am sending a 1024px wide photo from my camera.

Updating your blog via email

For those who, like me, are on the road most of the time, apps like “Postie” are heaven-sent.

I have used Postie for a majority of my self-hosted WP personal sites and the app has produced wonders – at least from my own experience.

This mini-post in fact is being prepared as an email message which I will send shortly.

For WP.com users, simply enable the app in your “My Blogs” and send your post to your blog’s secret email address.