Experimenting with PollDaddy in my blog

This is the post I mentioned in my earlier post, How to encourage audience response.

First off, I must tell you that I am not a great fan of polls, but for the purpose of testing I signed up for a free account with PollDaddy.com.

After signing up, I created a new poll. Framed a question. Wrote possible answers, etc. Initially, I designed a poll at the PollDaddy website. Then, I realized that once you signed up with a PollDaddy, you can perform all these tasks right in your blog’s dashboard.

Here is a sample poll embedded on a post. (Don’t mind the question and answers. They are here for demo only. Feel free to use the Vote button or the text links to explore it.)

Poll settings

The PollDaddy comes with various options like:

  • How you want to order the answers whether multiple choice, random order, etc.
  • How you want to display the poll results
  • How you want to block repeat voters

The PollDaddy also comes with various settings for display styles. The one you see above is only one of many styles.

Can I embed a poll in my blog’s sidebar?

Yes. But you cannot embed the same poll you embed in your post like the one shown above if your post page and sidebar have different dimensions which is the case most of the time.

You need to set up a different poll although with the same question and possible answers with a different size and style to match your blog’s sidebar.

How do I embed a poll?

On the post page, that is easy. Click Edit on the left control panel under Polls to show the list of polls. Select the HTML code which outputs two ways of embedding the poll, a shortcode and a javascript.

Use the shortcode for WordPress.com-hosted blogs like this one.

How do I display a poll on the sidebar?

If you are like me who set up the sidebar using widgets, you would be wondering where the PollDaddy widget is. There is none.

To embed a poll on the sidebar, use the Text widget. Enter the shortcode of the poll.

Where is the poll on this blog’s sidebar? I don’t have one. I don’t want to have a poll displayed all over this blog. Remember, I said at the start, I am not a great fan of polls?

Hope you found this post useful.

12 responses to “Experimenting with PollDaddy in my blog

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  2. Hi, thanks for this. I’m having trouble embedding a poll into the sidebar. It shows up as a link to the poll, not as the actual poll. Any ideas? The script tags automatically get removed.

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  4. Good morning.
    Love your custom poll. I am trying to embed just the ratings into my blog on wordpress, but when I paste the shortcode into the post and update the page, the shortcode disappears and the ratings do not show up.
    I have installed the plugin on WP, and I have opened an account with PollDaddy, and I have created a rating system, following all instructions, but I cannot get them to show up.
    Was there a special secret hidden step in creating this that you had to figure out?

    Have a great day!

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