Changing themes is part of the exercise

romyc-wordpress-gridFor those who were following me from day one, 10 days ago, you would have noticed a big change in this site.

Yes, I am using Sadish’s MistyLook, except for the header image which I customized using other themes images. Not that there was something wrong with Derek Punsalan’s Grid Focus theme. In fact, it is one of my favorites for other self-hosted sites. I switched to a new theme as part of the exercise. I wanted to have a feel of how it is to “re-skin a blog” at

Well, it was not that difficult after all. It took me only about 10 minutes to move to a different theme and re-set the widgets to display the same information.

Next time our friends ask me how it is to blog at, this is one story I can tell them.

By the way, is this theme XHTML 1.0 validated? I did check it and it is.

Updated 13 October: Experimenting with INove by mg12.

2 responses to “Changing themes is part of the exercise

  1. Romy, The header here is nice. I must admit that I had to take a second look before I realized those are cups of tea and not coffee. Good because I drink tea too!
    Can you please tell me how you customized the header image “using other themes”?

    Thanks, and good luck with the new theme.

    • @ileane – Thanks for pointing out that error – “themes” should have read “images”. Tea is nice. So is coffee, especially when writing. 🙂 You can find links where to download free header graphics in my self-hosted blog at A Matter of Sharing.

      Updated 14 Oct 2009: Using Inove by NeoEase. So the theme, Mistylook and subject of comment, is no longer available.

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